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Schneider 250mm - f5.6 APO Tele Xenar lens

Schneider 250mm - f5.6 APO Tele Xenar lens


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For pictures with long focal lengths on cameras without a large bellows extension


While in studio photography, the most important domain of the large format, very long focal lengths are neither necessary nor useful, they are often used in landscape, nature, industrial, and architectural photography. Portrait photography, too, is an impor­tant area of application. The newly calculated, ex­tremely compact, light Apo-Tele-Xenar lenses, opti­mized in performance with new types of glass and through elaborate computer programs, are bringing some fresh air, as well as a contemporary level of quality, into the area of large-format telephoto pho­tography.


Apochromatic correction and high contrast make for brilliant long distance photographs without color fringes, which otherwise are especially clearly visible at long focal lengths, since the lateral chro­matic aberration without apochromatic correction is approximately proportional to the focal length. The short flange focal distance (the distance from the lens board to the focusing screen) resulting from the telephoto (barlow) design of the lens makes possible a focal length which is 30% to 40% longer than the maximum camera extension normally allows.


more information and lens specifications can be found at - www.schneiderkreuznach.com


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