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Schneider 120mm - f5.6 APO Symmar L lens

Schneider 120mm - f5.6 APO Symmar L lens


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Schneider Apo-Symmar L – Wide Angle Lenses

The lens that can do everything equally well (and bet­ter than all other lenses) does not and will never exist, because some parameters of quality can only be increased at the expense of others. Nevertheless, the Apo-Symmar L can claim to come very close to this unattainable ideal. For the Apo-Symmar L is a highly corrected top lens of such balanced character that it can be regarded as the all-round candidate among the SCHNEIDER lenses. It combines the greatest sharpness, contrast, large angle of view without a visible decline in performance at the edge, even image field illumination (no centerfilter re­quired), a high freedom from distortion, and inde­pendence of scale. For that reason, it is regarded as “the” standard lens, and especially among studio photographers is often the only lens type, even though used in several different focal lengths.


With an angle of view of 75° (56° with the 8.4/480 L), as a standard lens it offers very large adjust­ment possibilities for corrections of perspective and lens tilts according to the Scheimpflug principle, but it can also handle wide-angle tasks if lesser adjust­ment possibilities suffice. Its first-class resolution capacity permits the use of “long focal length” for smaller picture sizes, even with the most stringent requirements, and the insensitivity to scale makes possible close-up pictures up to about 1:3.


more information and lens specifications can be found at - www.schneiderkreuznach.com


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