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Schneider 180mm - f5.6 Macro Symmar HM lens

Schneider 180mm - f5.6 Macro Symmar HM lens


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Schneider - MAKRO-SYMMAR HM - Macro Lenses


A lens can be optimized only for a certain reproduction ratio, and its quality diminishes, depending on its construction, more or less as those ratios change. Symmetrical or nearly symmetrical designs like the Apo-Symmar L are quite ratio-tolerant, i.e., from a distance to close-up approximately constantly satisfactory. But above about 1:3, even with this type of lens, a diminution of quality, at first minimal, and then increasing, can be noticed. For this reason, the Makro-Symmar was developed as an uncompromising special lens for ratios around 1:1, with a recommended working range of from 1:4 to 4:1. From 1:3, it even surpasses the excellent Apo-Symmar L, between approximately 1:2 and 2:1 it allows for reproductions and slide duplicates almost without loss, and only above 3:1 do the Apo-Componon lenses, optimized for very strong enlargement, begin to take the lead.


With high quality ULD (Ultra Low Dispersion) lenses, an apochromatic correction can be made, a feature which itself means freedom from color fringes, even with the most contrastive structures which run tangentially. The large image circle, which increases rapidly with the scale admits of extreme camera adjustments.


more information and lens specifications can be found at - www.schneiderkreuznach.com


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