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Schneider 90mm - f4.5 APO Digitar N lens (Copal 0)

Schneider 90mm - f4.5 APO Digitar N lens (Copal 0)

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Schneider Digitar - Medium & Long Focal Length Lenses

The SCHNEIDER Apo-Digitar N lenses offer the neces­sary focal lengths for a perfectly natural perspective. They offer an outstanding clarity and sharpness over their entire image circle, big enough to allow wide parallel shifts for perspective corrections of converg­ing lines and lens tilts or swings for depth of field control according to Scheimpflug’s rule.


The large range of closely staggered focal lengths for this series guarantees the most suitable lens for the angle of view and the image circle diameter for all the current sensor sizes. Their apochromatic correc­tion reduces color fringing which has more signifi­cance for digital than for conventional photography on film because of the pixel structure and interpola­tion that both enhance existing color fringes. The meticulous flattening of the field curvature of this range of lenses does justice to the advantage of the perfectly plane sensor surface. The recommended distance ranges from infinity up to an image scale of 1:3. Sharpness is still fine even at higher scales but you will probably find the macro lenses Apo-Digitar M to be slightly superior.


more information and lens specifications can be found at - www.schneiderkreuznach.com


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