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Rodenstock 55mm - f4.5 APO Grandagon lens (Copal 0)

Rodenstock APO Grandagon lens (Copal 0)


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* Image shows Apo-Grandagon 55/4.5 lens


Rodenstock APO-Grandagon lens

Roll film formats for large format requireshorter focal lenght lenses. With focal lenghts of 35, 45 and 55 mm, photography in close spaces on roll film or up to a format of 4x5" becomes "dymanic enjoyment".

Both lenses give you the freedom to find new and appealing views in product photography. But new standards in freedom of movements are also offered by the the Apo-Grandagon super wide-angle lenses with a useful field angle of 120 degrees in architectural photography.

With the Rodenstock Focus-Mount, both lenses can be fitted to cameras without bellows - a feature which makes large format photography mobile!


more information and lens specifications can be found at - http://www.prograf.ru/rodenstock/index_en.html

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