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Rodenstock Center Filter - E82/112 for 90/4.5,115/6.8

Rodenstock Center Filter

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Rodenstock Center Filter - E82/112

1.5 Stop (3x) Correction factor with 90/4.5 - Grandagon N


For critical shots (e. g. with uniformly coloured areas towards the corners of the picture) the physically inevitable light fall-off can be eliminated by using the neutral grey and vignetting-free Rodenstock Center Filters available for all Apo-Grandagon and Grandagon-N lenses. A Center Filter should always be used if the image circle of a wide angle lens is used right up to the vicinity of the circumference.

Rodenstock center filters are neutral gray concentric graduated filters whose density decreases from the center up to the translucent rim. The fall in density compensates for practically all the light fall-off to the image edge from a working stop of 16. This also produces a uniform illumination. The exposure must be corrected by 1.5 stop. This corresponds to a correction of the exposure time by a factor of 3.


more information and lens specifications can be found at - http://www.prograf.ru/rodenstock/index_en.html

Rodenstock website


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